Statistics of Biological Monitoring Course

Mpala Workshop ParticipantsI successfully completed a course on statistics of biological monitoring for conservation management at the Mpala Research Center organized by the Conservation Leadership Programme supported by the World Conservation Society, BP, Birdlife, Conservation International and Fauna and Flora International. The course began on Monday 19th October 2009 and ended on Friday 22nd October 2009.

The course brought together 12 participants drawn from the East African Countries of Tanzania (2), Kenya (7) and Uganda (3). At the end of the course, participants had acquired skills and knowledge of the various statistical tools to use to plan and monitor conservation programmes for effective management.

Dr. Tim O’Brien, a Senior Research Scientist with World Conservation Society based at Mpala Research Center,  was the course instructor, whereas the Conservation Leadership Programme was represented by its Programme Officer, Lynn Duda.

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