People4Nature Awards, 2020

Congratulations to ALL the winners and winners of the 2020 People4Nature Global Awards! Ms. Ann Kazungu (Young People4Nature) – Ms. Martha Lekitony Ntoipo (Conservation), Mr. Cesario Cambaza (Environmental Ambassador) and Ms. Noombarbali Enole Soit (Hazina Mazingira/Conservation Fund).
We also take this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Martha Lekitony Ntoipo for being declared the Person of the Year 2020!

2 Rare White Giraffes Slaughtered by Poachers

Picture: New York Times

The killing of a female and her calf leaves just one, a bull, out of a family of three that lived in the conservancy.

NAIROBI, Kenya — A white female giraffe and her 30-week old calf, whose rare pigmentation captured the attention of  wildlife lovers around the globe, were killed by poachers last year in Kenya, illustrating the challenges of conservation and the persistent and devastating impact of poaching.

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Karura Forest: How Kenya reclaimed nature from violent gangs.

Nairobi’s Karura Forest was once effectively a dangerous no-go zone, as gangs would regularly attack joggers and walkers.

But 10 years ago the local community decided to reclaim the area and make it safe for visitors.

Thanks to their efforts, the forest is now one of Nairobi’s top attractions and welcomes up 30,000 visitors a month.

Video producer: Solomon Serwanjja and AFP

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