The Africa Nature Organization has created platforms to increase the level of engagement with various stakeholders. The platforms include the People4Nature Global, the International Network of Water Practitioners and the Africa Initiative on Indigenous and Local Communities on Access and Benefit Sharing (Africa.II.ABS).

People4Nature Global

The People4Nature Global is a border-less forum of individuals passionate about protection and conservation of nature and its link with the well-being of the human race. People4Nature Global provides members with a platform to share information, knowledge and experiences gained in the course of their interaction with Nature. It aims to empower individuals and communities to sustainably utilize environmental and natural resources through environmental education, awareness, nature-based enterprises and other conservation initiatives.

It also acts as a tool to mobilize resources to empower individuals to sustainably manage environment and natural resources at home, village, county, national, continental and global level.

To broaden the engagement of stakeholders at the grassroots level, Africa Nature Organization established the County People for Nature Forums. The county forums partner with Community Conservation Organizations (CCOs) to consolidate and prioritize conservation activities in the county, collaborate with the County Government in setting the conservation agenda and advocate for an enabling policy and legal environment for sustainable development.

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iNoW Practice

An International Network of Water Practitioners (iNoWPractice) advocating for the sustainable management of water resources. It draws water and wetland practitioners across the globe with the competency to sustainable manage water resources.


The Africa Initiative on Indigenous and Local Communities on Access and Benefit Sharing is a platform of indigenous and local communities across Africa working towards full access and benefit sharing related to Indigenous Knowledge and Genetic Resources.