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Our Story

Who we are
About Africa Nature Organization

Who we are

The need for a grassroots organization that would galvanize communities across Africa to positively contribute towards sustainable management of natural resources was an idea born out of a discussion by a group of environment and natural resource management practitioners gathered in Arusha Tanzania in 2010. The idea was subsequently shared with other like-minded individuals and culminated in the formation and subsequent registration of Africa Nature Organization as Non-Governmental Organization on the World Wetlands Day 2nd February 2012. Our focus has been to promote sustainable environmental and natural resource management best practices among grassroots communities working closely with civil society organizations, private sector actors and Government

Our Vision

A well-managed environment and natural resource base benefiting People and Wildlife.

Our Mission

To enhance sustainable management of environment and natural resources by empowering grassroots communities, supporting development of effective natural resource management instruments, promotion of green innovations and the advancement of wise-use practices.
You cannot protect the environment unless you empower people, you inform them, and you help them understand that these resources are their own, that they must protect them
Professor Wangari Maathai
Professor Wangari Maathai


A 5-member board governs Africa Nature Organization, bringing vast competencies in the fields of environment, natural resource management, capacity development, policy advocacy and research.

Core Values

Africa Nature Organization is guided by the following key values in its operations: –

Equity and Integrity: All people have a right to the benefits of our environment and natural resources. In line with this, the generation and distribution of resource benefits should be done in a manner that optimizes the values and benefits of environment and natural resources as well as recognizes equity and fairness for current and future generations.

Sustainable use: We believe in utilizing environment and natural resources sustainably so they continue to function and offer services effectively for current and future generations.

Cooperation: We recognize the enormity of the task of building sustainable systems of managing environment and natural resources. In playing our role, we will actively work closely in partnership with local communities, civil society organizations, private organizations and the government to effectively discharge our mandate.

Expertise: We are committed to our Vision and Mission. We will undertake our mandate with diligence and in line with nationally and internationally recognized ethical and professional standards.

Flexibility: We operate in a dynamic environment that requires flexibility in and adaptability in use of our strategies and tools as the context demands.

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